Long Newnton Village

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If you have any photos of Long Newnton you'd like to share on this website, please send them to Lucy Beck.

If there is anyone in the village with children up to and including university age who may need help with small amounts of funding either for specific educational equipment - books, instruments etc.  If so, they may be eligible for financial assistance from the Elizabeth Hodges Trust fund.


Anyone interested who thinks they may be eligible should contact Jill Peacey for more information:- jill@its-only-natural.co.uk

Elizabeth Hodges Trust Fund

Speedwatch News

White Village Gates:

New white village 'entrance gates' have now been installed as a speed calming measure on the main road through the village.  The scheme is to be jointly funded by the Parish Council and Gloucestershire Highways under the Community Offer Scheme.  If anyone requires more information or has comments to make please email Kev Beck.


Tetbury Community Choir hosts twinned German choir at Long Newnton

A warm welcome to Adam, Heather and family who have just moved into Long Newnton.  We hope you love living here!